Doiy brings objects to life. We use design to create objects with soul, interpreting reality to shape gems of creativity that bring cheer to the modern life.

Every Doiy object is thought to be both used and admired, owned and shared. Doiy was born out of an alchemy between people seeking the same playful, intriguing, creative challenge. Elodie’s restless creative mind and Jaime’s search for beauty and perfectionism found themselves together under the same sky. It’s Barcelona, in 2008. Elodie and Jaime crossed their wills to use their creativity, youth, and enthusiasm to shape something together. Doiy brand.

After first slow period, then it was the time for the first objects, the big struggles and early successes. The great curiosity and the unstopping will to explore made the brand recognizable, expand on a global scale and, most importantly, be loved. From Barcelona to Tokyo, from New York to Paris, the brand grew and grew. With endless passion, hard work, and great pleasure, Doiy is now bringing creativity and beauty to many people around the world: with the final aim to make their lives better, even just a bit.

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