Joseph Joseph was founded in 2003 by two brothers: Richard and Anthony Joseph. They focused their research to the world of kitchen items and the company is now internationally recognized for the production of design objects that are both “beautiful” and technically innovative.

The extraordinary capacity to join together in a single item both shape and functionality has allowed the company to win lots of international design awards. The twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph grew up in a family with a long history of industrial glass manufactory and engineering.
The family business was started by his grandfather in 1936 producing vehicles mirrors. During the years the production has been diversified in realizing glass chopping board illustrated with country scenes.

As the demand fell, a new approach was necessary and the two brothers took the opportunity to contribute with new business ideas. In 2003 after the first successes obtained thanks to their creative ideas, colourful designs and entrepreneurial spirit they decided to go on alone and create the brand Joseph Joseph.

The big step forward comes from a simple observation: many objects used daily can create problems if the product has been design poorly.

From this intuition, Anthony and Richard found a way to differentiate Joseph Joseph from all competitors: create useful, functional and iconic products manufactured with high quality materials.

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