Pusher is not only a brand but a real lifestyle. His particular name shows the desire to provoke and amaze the audience.

Pusher was born in the basements of via della Moscova in Milan, thanks to the intuition and passion of the founder Fabio Alessi that since 2000 brings on the Italian market unique and irreverent products but also functional that can make daily life light and fun.

After the launch of the first Pusher product, an inflatable mobile phone holder in the shape of the chair, the portfolio of Pusher products has grown exponentially with each collection bringing on the Italian market products of all kinds: from the “feet scale”  to the “shoe wheel”. These are all unique items covering different product categories: living, organizer, fun kitchen, day by day and kids. Reading Pusher catalogue must be fun and that’s why Fabio tries to impress the audience with each collection.

The constant work of cool hunting that this company does led it quickly to have a wide range of items from simple coloured keychain to funny kitchen utensils.

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