Why call a company Suck UK? No one has ever given an answer, not even its founders but no other name could have caught the eye as much as this one!

Founded in 1999 by Sam & Jude, Suck UK started its adventure creating and selling original, unusual and unique gifts directly produced on the kitchen floor of their apartment in North London.

The production bumped into an obstacle when they received a sudden and unexpected eviction. From then, they moved from the kitchen floor to a more “official” location in a real office in East London. The two newly graduated designer’s attentions was mostly focused on and inspired from real estate and industrial products, rigorously hand-crafted.

As the years passed by new talented designers, graphics, sales and marketing experts joined the team bringing new ideas and energy to the environment.
This is why Suck UK started selling its products in the best, but not only, design shops in the world.

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